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Packard Bell Eclipse review

Mark Peters
CES report
Saturday 29th, December 2007
Posted by: Mark Peters

The Packard Bell Eclipse comes in a nice black box. Inside it, apart from the Eclipse MP4 player (black and grey), we found a neat case, headset for your ears with two extra sets of fittings, a USB / charge cable and a short manual. The Packard Bell Eclipse only weighs 45 grams and its dimensions are 92 x 49 x 10mm. The scratchproof TFT LCD QVGA colour monitor has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and its format is 2.2-inch. There are three buttons available on the front of the Eclipse for managing music, pictures and videos.

Packard Bell Eclipse

Eclipse review
Furthermore the top side of this MP4 player carries a slide-button that turns the Eclipse on or off and locks the MP4 player. The last two buttons are found on the side, one of which is a scroll wheel that can also be pressed down, with below it a button to return to the previous setting. The Eclipse MP4 player is that easy to use you won't be needing the manual that comes with it.

Packard Bell Eclipse

Packard Bell MP4 player
It is extremely easy to scroll through the menu by means of the scroll wheel and to confirm a setting by pressing the same wheel. This confirmation can be easily made undone through the Return button found right below the scroll wheel. The songs can be traced through the following functions: 'Artist', 'Album', 'Genre', 'Play lists' and 'All songs'. Somewhat less user-friendly is the way of winding which happens through one and the same speed and it does not happen any faster when you keep pressing the button down longer. If you would like to start halfway through a podcast of about an hour, you will have to wind for a long time to get there. Continue to read the full Packard Bell Eclipse review at LetsGoMobile.

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