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Xias digital photo frames

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Saturday 5th, January 2008
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Xias adds convenience and style to the way consumers display their digital photos with the latest additions to its line of elegant digital photo frames at 2008 CES. They are the Xias 8” and 10” Executive Digital Photo Frames with WiFi capabilities. All Xias digital photo frames are designed by an award winning international product design firm. “The new Xias PF-821WF and PF-1021WF digital photo frames with WiFi are a great way for people to share their digital photos,” remarked Rick Stans, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Norcent Technology, Inc., an authorized licensee of Xias products.

Xias digital photo frames

Digital photo frames
Rick Stans added: “With 800 x 600 resolution, images and video are bright and crystal clear. Plus, this impressive, sleek, floating swivel design looks elegant in any setting from the living room to an executive’s office.” The new models can display anywhere from one to 12 images at one time. Images are shown on an active matrix thin film transistor (TFT) LCD display that ensures high-quality, pictures. With an 800x600 screen resolution and 250 cd/m2 brightness, images are as clear and clean as they appeared in the viewfinder.

Horizontal & Vertical backing supports
Each model supports seven digital media formats, providing outstanding compatibility with most digital cameras now available. Both models include two built-in memory card slots. Each also features four playback modes: full-screen browse, slideshow, thumbnail browse, and zoom (in and out). Viewing time in both browse and slideshow modes can be adjusted. The digital photo frames have a wood-grain outer frame supporting a bronze-metallic screen. The exclusive Xias frames look natural in any home décor or office setting. Horizontal and vertical backing supports are included. A convenient on-screen display adds to their ease of use.

Xias PF-821WF & PF-1021WF digital photo frames
The new Xias PF-821WF and PF-1021WF digital photo frames will be available in Q2 2008 with pricing to be determined. The new additions join the PF-801 in the Xias lineup of fashionable digital photo frames. Xias will be adding to the line-up in the coming months in various finishes and colors.

Xias digital photo frames

Xias digital photo frames at CES 2008
The 2008 International CES takes place January 7-10 in Las Vegas, NV. The Xias products can be seen in the Central Hall, booth #15023, in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The display will showcase the exciting Xias product line. It includes digital cameras, digital photo frames, pen drives, MP3 Player and new XiasLive Content Music Download Site.

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