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Portable navigation devices from MSI

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Saturday 5th, January 2008
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

MSI unveils a myriad of Portable Navigation Devices which is also known as PND, and multimedia products at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. MSI stresses on product diversification by providing a variety of classic and stylish ID design; fulfilling ergonomic and user-friendly interfaces; and creating the “whole-in-one” multi-functional platform at a relatively cost-effective solution.

Portable navigation devices

Portable navigation devices
PND is one of the milestones for the development of Consumer Electronic business this year. Range of selected sizes are available in 3.5”, 4.3” and 5”; from simple entertainment PND, special design outdoor ruggedized PND to mobile based GPS phone. MSI incubates a group of prolific R&D team coping with the latest technology, assures the new gadgets bringing end users in a convenient lifestyle, from work to outdoor. The integrated TMC receiver picks up real-time traffic information that automatically creates faster routes; the built-in Bluetooth enables hands-free calling & alcohol detector for safe driving; the last but not the least, the embedded MP3, picture viewer, video stream, and digital camera that maximize your entertainment to the ultimate. The greatest advantage that our worldwide customers could benefit from MSI is our capability of system integration, knowledge and experience on working with various system platforms. Most importantly, MSI are qualified by TS-16949 today for automotive business and we are proud that all these products are manufactured in our well organized & scale factory.

Portable multimedia center MS-5618
Featured with classic totem, low power consumption and under the environment rules of RoHS & ISO-14000, MS-5618 is a complete portable D-class high quality multimedia center which allows you for whopping long hours MP3 music, brings you déjà vu to the maximum in your leisure time. In addition to MP3 player, pocket TV (DVB-T/ ATSC) continuously contributes as one of the remarkable solutions for TV fans to catch timely headlines, breaking news, sports and financial news while on the move. The mission that MSI CEBU would like to present is not merely to bring the art of technology but to fulfill the basis of communication from the nature of human desire.

MSI at CES 2008
To expand our global market, we adopts a diversified business models by offering and evaluating each possible projects, providing customized solution to enable our customer stands competitiveness in the market, and affirming our quality commitment while keeping the cost-effective production plan. Let MSI be your partner and welcome you into digital lifeized!

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