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Parrot bluetooth products for Apple

Mark Peters
CES report
Saturday 5th, January 2008
Posted by: Mark Peters

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) next week, Parrot, a leader in wireless peripherals around the mobile phone, will announce that Apple lovers can now seamlessly use Parrot’s range of wireless multimedia and car-kit products. Parrot will showcase these products at CES in South Hall booth #35838 and North Hall booth #6024. With the new Mac OS X Leopard operating system which now supports Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP), Mac users can wirelessly stream their music files via iTunes to any wireless speaker from the Parrot audio range. Apple lovers who want to make the most of their playlists can now forget about cables and enjoy their favorite tracks on high quality speakers such as the Parrot DS1120, a set of trendy stereo Bluetooth speakers with a 30W output and extraordinary sound quality.

Parrot bluetooth products

Apple bluetooth products - Parrot photo viewer
Or, if they want to listen to their music while on the go, the Parrot is a stylish, battery-powered portable speaker unit with incredible sound power for such a tiny device - measuring only 23 cm/9.0 inches wide and weighing only 620 grams/21 ounces. Parrot’s wireless digital photo frames are also compatible with iPhoto which means users can wirelessly send all their favorite photo albums directly onto the wide range of digital photo frames from Parrot. They can display their pictures on the Parrot PHOTO VIEWER 7’’ which holds more than 500 images and has a seven-inch active-matrix TFT screen for exceptionally bright, crisp photo images.

Parrot DF3120 bluetooth photo frame - Apple iPhone
And, when in the office or home, users don’t have to lose sight of their loved ones thanks to the new Parrot DF3120, a compact 3.5” digital photo frame that fits perfectly on a desk or bedside table. iPhone users can also enjoy the Parrot CK and MK ranges of installed car-kits as well as the Parrot MINIKIT portable speakerphone. With an installed Parrot car kit, drivers can enjoy crystal clear conversations from their iPhone directly through their car speakers while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. The new iPhone also supports the automatic synchronization of their contacts, a feature available in all Parrot car kits.

Parrot Minikita - Apple iPhone
Users can also go hands-free at home or in the office by using their iPhone with the Parrot MINIKIT, a sleek portable hands-free speakerphone that will easily fit in a pocket or on a desk. The very latest Parrot software that allows the iPhone to work with the Parrot MINIKIT is already available for download at the Parrot website. Free upgrades can be downloaded via Bluetooth directly from the Parrot website for all Parrot car kits so they are always up to date. The CK and MK range of installed car-kits as well as the Parrot MINIKIT portable speakerphone can support the telephone and contact synchronization functions of the iPhone. However, since the iPhone is not Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)- enabled, it requires a separate adapter to stream music wirelessly. The Parrot RK8200 car-stereo (available in Q2) is totally compatible with iPhone.

Parrot bluetooth products

Parrot RK8200 Apple iPod Car Stereo
Parrot’s car stereo line is also evolving to offer full iPod compatibility. The newly introduced Parrot RK8200 Made-for-iPod FM/AM RDS car stereo incorporates an iPod-specific connector so users can enjoy their favorite tunes while driving. Whether they have the iPhone, the latest iPod nano, the iPod shuffle, the iPod classic or the iPod touch, drivers can now play their favorite tracks directly through the Parrot RK8200. They can also enjoy the added convenience and control of hands-free calling with the iPhone (or any other mobile phone); no need to touch the phones while driving because the Parrot RK8200 with integrated cell phone capability and voice recognition does all the work -hands-free!

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