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Canon DC300 series camcorders

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Monday 7th, January 2008
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Canon announces the launch of a new direct-to-DVD camcorder line up featuring its new Advanced Zoom system. The DC300 series combines the ultra-convenience of straight-to-DVD recording with the most powerful zoom - up to 45x - of any Canon camcorder yet. Providing crisp, clear image quality - from wide to telephoto - Advanced Zoom opens up new possibilities for moviemakers shooting sports, wildlife and other distant subjects straight to disc.

Canon DC300 series

Canon DC300 camcorder - Dual layer DVD
Since the majority of TVs on sale today are native widescreen, each camcorder is equipped for True Wide 16:9 recording. Compatibility with DVD Dual Layer (DVD-R DL) media and Canonís high capacity battery pack extends recording time, allowing every moviemaker to capture that extra shot. ďCombining the ease of direct-to-DVD recording with the benefits of innovative Advanced Zoom technology, our new DC300 series raises the standard for DVD-based camcorders,Ē said Mogens Jensen, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging Europe. ďOur commitment to offering the highest quality imaging to every consumer will encourage more and more people to discover the joy of home moviemaking.Ē

Canon DC300 series - Advanced zoom
Canonís Advanced Zoom system equips each camcorder in the DC300 series with more telephoto reach than was previously available at this level. Advanced Zoom combines the quality of genuine Canon optics with the processing capabilities of the DIGIC DV II image processor, allowing distant events - such as a bird in flight or a concert performance - to be captured with crystal clarity.

Canon DC330 camcorder - LCD display
Every camcorder in the new range offers True Wide High Resolution 16:9 recording - perfect for playback on widescreen TVs. Canonís True Wide system also incorporates a widescreen 2.7Ē LCD - perfect for previewing movies in the correct dimensions - and a widescreen EVF (Electronic Viewfinder): allowing users to save on battery power when framing their shots during recording.

Canon DC301 camcorder - DIGIC DV II processor
Canonís DIGIC DV II image processor was originally designed to handle the increased data rate of High Definition footage. The extra processing capacity of this ultra-fast processor is inherited by the DC300 range: with advanced noise reduction technology built in, DIGIC DV II captures images that are sharper and colours that are truer-to-life. DIGIC DV II also drives the DC300 seriesí stills functionality. Since the colour requirements of digital photographs are different to video, it handles the signals separately, optimising output for each. Digital photographs are recorded to SD or SDHC memory cards.

Canon DC330 camcorder - Easy to use
Straightaway, itís easy to get going: a convenient switch located on the side of the camcorder engages Easy mode, allowing even novice users to start shooting instantly. The camcorder automatically finds the first blank space on the DVD, cutting out the need for fast forwarding or rewinding. Selecting and operating shooting features and functions is equally easy, using the intuitive Joystick controller. To find a particular scene for playback, simply browse through thumbnails on the 2.7Ē widescreen LCD screen. Finalised DVDs can be played back using a standard home DVD player - perfect to put in an envelope and send to family and friends as keepsakes.

Canon DC301 camcorder - Quick Start
During pauses in shooting, the Quick Start feature conserves battery power - one push of the dedicated Quick Start button tells the camcorder to rest in Standby mode. One more push and the camcorder is ready to record in around a second, ensuring that precious one-off moments - a childís first steps or a match-winning goal - arenít missed.

Canon DC300 series

Canon DC330 camcorder - LCD video light
New to Canon camcorders in 2008, the LCD screen also doubles as a handy video light. When turned to face forwards, it provides enough illumination to allow recording of close-up subjects to continue in poor lighting conditions. The DC330 features a new multiangle remote control. Traditional controllers can only be used when standing in front of the lens, since this is where their sensor is located. With a remote sensor positioned on the fold out LCD screen, however, Canonís multiangle remote control offers far greater freedom - the screen simply needs to be angled towards the user, wherever he or she is standing.

Canon DC301 camcorder - Extended recording
Every camcorder in the new range is compatible with standard DVD-R media, which are cheap and easy to get hold of. In addition, compatibility with DVD-R DL (Dual Layer) allows up to 108 minutes of video to be recorded on a single disc - cutting down on the amount of spares that have to be carried on a long shooting day. With lower power consumption than its predecessor range, the DC300 series is also compatible with the optional high capacity battery pack (BP-2L24H) - ensuring that the camcorder continues for longer on a single charge.

Canon DC300 series camcorders - Electronic Image Stabilizer
With longer zoom reaches than ever before - thanks to the new Advanced Zoom system - each camcorder incorporates an Electronic Image Stabilizer that helps ensure footage remains smooth. While camera shake can often ruin home movies, Canonís EIS system is even effective at the upper ends of the zoom - when shake becomes most noticeable.

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