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Canon dual flash memory camcorders

Mark Peters
CES report
Monday 7th, January 2008
Posted by: Mark Peters

Canon revitalises the Standard Definition (SD) market with the launch of a stunning range of camcorders that record movies to flash memory. The Megapixel Canon Digital Video Camcorders FS11, FS10 and FS100 are not only compact and power efficient - they are also graced with a stunning new sense of style. In fact, these designer camcorders are the ideal solution for all types of moviemaker: from teens in the park, to office workers on a night out and grandparents on holiday. Thanks to solid state memory, they offer the kind of storage capacity previously only seen in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) models, yet are housed in a body no larger than the size of a family digital camera.

Flash memory camcorders

Canon FS11 - Memory
For total convenience, the Dual Flash Memory FS11 and FS10 give users the option of shooting to standard SD/SDHC memory cards or internal memory - either 16GB (FS11) or 8GB (FS10), offering up to over 10 hours or over 5 hours of recording respectively. With ever-larger SDHC memory cards now on the market, users can easily increase the overall recording capacity of these models, all the while retaining the ability to just pick up and shoot when a card isn’t to hand. The FS100 records to SD/SDHC memory cards only - compact and easily removable, they are ideal for sharing with friends and family. As Canon camcorders, all three models naturally benefit from class-leading video technologies, including the new 45x Advanced Zoom system.

Canon FS10 camcorder - Digital imaging
“The FS series is a groundbreaking addition to Canon’s range of digital imaging devices, offering content creators and family moviemakers everywhere the ultimate in style, compactness and convenience,” said Mogens Jensen, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging Europe. “The style and good looks of each model are reminiscent of Canon’s popular range of compact digital still cameras - the introduction of flash memory recording demonstrates that Canon remains committed to refining and improving its camcorder range, bringing the latest technologies to every user.”

Canon camcorders - Dual flash memory recording
Canon’s Dual Flash Memory system benefits both the FS11 and FS10. Combining the best of both worlds - internal flash memory and SD/SDHC memory card recording - both of these camcorders offer large storage capacities, until now the preserve of HDD models. Storing up to over 10 hours (FS11) or over 5 hours (FS10) of movies, they are still no bigger than an average digital camera. The advantages of internal memory are numerous: there are no hidden media costs and no need to carry spares around - not to mention the fact that users can just pick up and shoot whenever they want. Since the FS11 and FS10 also allow movies to be shot directly to SD/SDHC memory cards, they are equally well equipped for situations requiring more storage - on such occasions a memory card can be used to supplement internal capacity. When users want to share memories to See Additional Information. with friends, video can also be copied directly from the internal memory to an SD/SDHC memory card. Ideal for spontaneous shooting, the FS100 records video and photos to standard SD or SDHC memory cards. Memory cards are an easy-to-share way of shooting since they can be easily removed from the camcorder and handed to friends and colleagues. Footage can also be easily uploaded to a computer using a compatible card reader or via a USB connection.

Canon flash memory camcorders - CCD Sensor
Flash camcorders offer several key advantages. Along with lower power consumption and faster start up times, flash memory is physically smaller than tapes, DVDs, and Hard Disk Drives. This fact allows flash camcorders to be made significantly lighter and more compact - the FS series is ergonomic and refined, sitting comfortably in the palm of the hand. And since flash involves no moving parts, each camcorder can withstand bumps and knocks without endangering stored footage. FS series camcorders set a new benchmark in powerful imaging performance packaged in a truly compact design. Across the range, a Megapixel CCD provides superior image quality and True Wide High Resolution 16:9 recording. After the shoot, a 2.7” 16:9 LCD screen allows widescreen movies to be previewed in the correct dimensions.

Flash memory camcorders

Canon FS10 camcorder - Zoom
With a 45x Advanced Zoom, the FS series sets a new standard in the market. The Advanced Zoom system is an innovation that allows users to capture distant events - such as the action of a sports match - in perfect clarity. Combining the quality of a genuine Canon optical zoom lens with the processing power of the unique DIGIC DV II image processor, users can get closer to the action than ever before.

Canon FS11 handycam - DW-100 DVD burner
To make sharing footage with friends and family even easier, FS11, FS10 and FS100 are compatible with Canon’s new standalone Canon DVD Burner DW-100. The burner connects directly to the camcorder, allowing videos to be copied to a full-size DVD without the need for a computer - the perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys sending movies to distant relatives and friends. Intelligent battery A new Intelligent lithium-ion battery system displays exactly how much recording time is left. Accurate to the minute, the system makes it easier to monitor available power and therefore avoid running out at the crucial moment. Writing to flash memory has a far lower power requirement than other recording formats, too - over three hours of shooting is possible with the supplied battery pack.

Flash memory camcorders

Canon FS100 camcorder - USB transfer
Combining video recording with advanced digital photography features, the FS11, FS10 and FS100 capture high quality stills. Photos are easily transferred to a computer via USB. A Canon Solution Disk, supplied with every model, helps users store, enhance and manage their digital still photos. Superior audio Each FS series model features a microphone input connection, allowing superior quality audio to be captured. By attaching an external microphone, users are better able to record a strong soundtrack in otherwise challenging circumstances - at a school concert for instance, or similar occasions when ambient noise might otherwise interfere with what is being recorded.

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