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Canon HV30 HD camcorder

Mark Peters
CES report
Monday 7th, January 2008
Posted by: Mark Peters

Canon adds a new star to its award-winning HD camcorder range with the launch of the Canon HD Camcorder HV30. Building on the success of the bestselling HV20 - named ‘Camcorder of the Year’1 for 2007 - the Canon HV30 improves on its predecessor with a host of refinements that make it easier to use. Recording HDV1080i images directly to MiniDV tape, the HV30 introduces a Multiangle Vivid LCD screen with a 135-degree angle of view - keeping the image clearly visible when shooting above or below eye level. Housed in a sleek black chassis, the HV30 is compatible with Canon’s high capacity BP-2L24H battery pack, which offers up to four hours of continuous shooting on a single charge.

Canon HV30

Canon HV30
The camcorder retains the acclaimed Canon HD Camera System that powered the HV20 into pole position as ‘Camcorder of the Year’ for 2007. “Last year’s HV20 set new standards for home moviemaking,” said Mogens Jensen, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging. “As more and more people discover the extraordinary quality of High Definition, we are confident that this camcorder will prove to be just as much of a hit as its predecessor.”

Canon HD Camcorder HV30 - Superb HDV1080i
• Canon Full HD CMOS sensor
• Canon HD video lens, with 10x optical zoom and Super Range OIS
• HD-optimised DIGIC DV II processor
• High performance Instant AF
• Shooting freedom - intuitive control layout, with the ‘add-on’ features a moviemaker requires (including an Advanced Accessory Shoe, manual audio controls, microphone input and headphone terminal); compatibility with high capacity battery packs allows shooting to continue for longer
• Preview movies on a 2.7” Multiangle Vivid LCD screen - brighter and clearer with superior colour reproduction
• Cinema-style 25p progressive shooting and dedicated CINE image mode, for a film-like look and superb low-light performance
• Easily connect to a TV via HDMI or component output; DV in and out allow transfer of footage to and from a computer

Canon HV30 HD camcorder - Camera System
The Canon HD Camcorder HV30 inherits all of the benefits of the Canon HD Camera System. Sharing the key design features of the award-winning HV20, the HV30 records superb HD1080i video images to inexpensive tape media.

Canon HD video lens
The Canon HV30 benefits from Canon’s expertise as one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of HD video lenses for broadcast television. Specially designed for HD resolution, its 10x optical zoom lens employs twin aspherical lens elements to combat chromatic aberrations, while special coating reduces ghosting and flare. A graduated ND (Neutral Density) filter allows the aperture to be fully opened in extremely bright conditions. Canon’s Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer combines two types of shake detection technologies, allowing the Canon HV30 to better compensate for minor vibrations that other IS systems miss - such as the slight body movements associated with breathing. The Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer is effective for both video and still photography.

Canon HV30

Canon Full HD CMOS
The Canon Full HD CMOS video sensor captures HD footage at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels - the same resolution as the latest Full HD TVs. Developed from technology pioneered for Canon EOS - the world’s most popular D-SLR camera system - the sensor incorporates on-chip noise reduction circuitry and a Bayer Placement RGB Primary Colour Filter for accurate and vivid colour reproduction.

Designed to handle the increased data rate of HD imaging, Canon’s unique DIGIC DV II processor uses advanced noise reduction technology to deliver sharp, crisp HD video. DIGIC DV II optimises recorded colours, ensuring that they appear as vibrant and bright as in real life. In addition, DIGIC DV II is the driving force behind the Canon HD Camcorder HV30’s advanced still photography features. Alongside a built-in flash, PictBridge connection and one-push histogram display that monitors brightness levels, it allows users to capture 2.07 Megapixel photographs while shooting video, or 3.1 Megapixel stills in dedicated ‘photo’ mode. Photos are stored to a compact MiniSD card.

Canon HD camcorder - Instant AF
First developed for Canon’s professional XH series of HD camcorders, Instant AF is an advanced auto focusing system that’s specially designed for the increased requirements of HD. Instant AF is a unique hybrid system that uses 2 sensors to achieve super-fast, highly accurate auto focus, leaving users free to concentrate on framing the shot.

Complete shooting freedom
Selecting key controls during shooting is easy. A Joystick controller enables simple, one-handed access to common functions such as microphone level and exposure compensation, as well as advanced image options. The camcorder’s dedicated focus mode selector and manual control dial put focus control at the user’s fingertips.

Canon HV30

Canon HV30 HD camcorder - HDMI
Microphones, video lights and other peripherals can be attached to the Canon HV30 using the Advanced Accessory shoe - a must for ambitious moviemakers. The Canon HV30 high-end imaging capabilities are complemented by manual audio controls and dedicated microphone and headphone terminals. For playback, HDMI and component output ports allow users to connect the camcorder directly to an HDTV. DV in and out (Firewire) allows transfer of footage to a computer for editing or back to tape in the camcorder. Some computers even allow connection via HDMI for data transfer or live capture. Battery life on the new camcorder is enhanced thanks to compatibility with Canon’s new high capacity battery pack, BP-2L24H, allowing shooting to continue for longer.

Multiangle Vivid LCD screen
The Canon HV30 features Canon’s newest fold-out screen. A 2.7" Multiangle Vivid LCD offers an exceptionally wide 135-degree viewing angle, perfect for sharing movies on location. The screen displays the widest colour gamut of any Canon camcorder and includes HCAR surface treatment, which ensures sharp images, vibrant colours and minimal screen reflection.

Canon camcorder HV30 - 25p Cinema Mode
For a truly filmic look and feel, the HV30 offers a 25p Cinema Mode that combines 25p (progressive) shooting with CINE image mode. 25p (progressive) provides footage that has a look similar to traditional film. As an added benefit, genuine progressive shooting greatly improves performance in low-light conditions - perfect for capturing the true ambience of evening and indoor settings.

Canon HV30 HD camcorder - CINE image mode
CINE image mode is based on settings used in Canon’s professional XH series camcorders. Cine gamma, cine matrix and other image variables are optimised to provide the look and feel of celluloid movies. CINE mode can also be selected for 50i and standard DV PAL shooting.

Canon HV30

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