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Samsung Omnia smartphone review

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Monday 5th, January 2009
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

The Samsung Omnia smartphone works on the operating system of Windows Mobile. To be precise; the Windows Mobile version 6.1. Windows Mobile operating system has its pros and cons. Starting up time takes a lot longer than an average cell phone, the menu is slower and working with the stylus pen is often better than working with your fingers. There certainly are pros too; synchronization is simple, installing external software is easy and many file formats are standard supported thanks to the availability of various Microsoft programs.

Samsung Omnia

Samsung Omnia smartphone review
Samsung has equipped the Omnia smartphone with a separate interface, as we see more and more often on new Windows Mobile phones. This is noticeable for the folding-in list with so-called Widgets, found on the main screen. Widgets are shortcuts to, for example, the MP3 player. If you click on a Widget and slide it away from the shortcut list, the attached program opens. Furthermore, the Omnia not only carries a start bar on top, but also a main menu button at the bottom. This menu is similar to the menus Samsung uses on the F480 and the Pixon, with fairly large pictograms. If you click on settings for example, it will make you enter the well-known Windows Mobile again. In fact, these are also some type of shortcuts, only not leading to programs but to menu functionalities in this case.

Samsung Omnia

Samsung smartphone memory
The internal memory of the Samsung Omnia smartphone is 8GB. However, it is like a hard drive inside the phone that is separately accessible. The standard memory of the phone itself is a little over 100MB and you have to take into account that similar to the use of a memory card, the 8GB is not always used at the same time. You might receive an alert to tell you that the memory is full, which is rather annoying. If it is the 8GB memory that is actually full, you can enhance the memory with a microSD / SDHC memory card. To change the memory card, you have to remove the battery first. And the memory compartment looks like that of a SIM card; you have to slide the memory card in, which is not always too good for the card since it is hard to get it right the first time.

Samsung Omnia

Samsung smartphone reviews
The Samsung Omnia smartphone features a 5.0 Megapixel digital camera with auto focus. The camera button on the right side serves to start the digital camera application. Starting up takes a while, however, it's not too bad compared to other Windows Mobile smartphones. The entire screen functions as viewfinder in landscape mode, which makes it ever so easy to see how the picture will turn out. The actual capturing of a picture takes much too long, as we already knew. Snapshots are therefore impossible to make. Focussing takes around two seconds and if you slightly move right at the end of focussing, the picture will have failed. Whilst capturing a picture, you should keep concentrating and keep the phone still right until the very end, which will offer a reasonable result. Read the full Samsung Omnia smartphone review at LetsGoMobile.

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