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ZVOX Design home theater system

Mark Peters
CES report
Tuesday 6th, January 2009
Posted by: Mark Peters

ZVOX is pleased to announce the Z-Base 550, a complete home theater system built conveniently into a base platform for stand-mounted flat-panel TV sets. Based on several design innovations from ZVOX, the Z-Base 550 theater system sounds absolutely terrific - reproducing music and movie soundtracks with lifelike accuracy. But the entire system - speakers, amplifier, virtual surround technology and powered subwoofer - fits into a super-slim cabinet engineered to accommodate the heft of virtually any flat-panel TV.

Home theater systems

ZVOX Z-Base 550 home theater system
As the prices of flat-panel TVs have come down, studies indicate that fewer consumers have chosen to wall-mount their TV. The Z-Base 550 home theater system has been designed specifically to accommodate almost all of the top-selling flat-panel TV's between 32 and 47-inches. The Z-Base 550 utilizes beautiful hand-lacquered high-gloss black end panels, and the top of the Z-Base 550 is finished in rugged, scratch-resistant black vinyl that is less likely to be marred by objects such as the TV placed on its surface.

Home theater systems

ZVOX Design home theater system
Set-up of the Z-Base 550 requires very few steps: Simply place your stand-mounted flat-panel TV on top of it, plug in AC power and one connecting cord to the TV and you're done! Sit back and enjoy big, realistic sound including thunderous bass from the built-in powered subwoofer. The Z-Base 550 home theater system uses the ZVOX PhaseCue virtual surround system to create wide, three-dimensional sound, as if you are listening to speakers eight feet apart from each other, with movie sound effects that literally surround you. The ZVOX Z-Base 550 has an MSRP of $499.99.

Home theater systems

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