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Touch Screen photo frame

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Saturday 10th, January 2009
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Mass, a consumer electronics company, announces Vizit, a two-way communication, fully interactive digital photo frame that enables users to send and receive digital photos over the mobile network. Vizit’s easy-to-use interface, coupled with its two-way communication, makes it the only digital photo frame for people of all ages. With this touchscreen photo frame, young parents for the first time can take a camera phone picture of their child’s first steps in San Francisco and send it instantaneously to the proud grandparents’ Vizit in their NYC living room.

Vizet Touch Screen photo frame
The photo will show up immediately without them doing anything. Vizit does this by leveraging the mobile network to securely receive photos from one’s cell phone, e-mail, computer or other Internet photo management sites. Users can also send pictures from one Vizit to another Vizit, or even multiple Vizits, enabling them to build a community of friends and family who are sharing their lives all at the same time. “Photo sharing as we know it today is broken. Digital photo frames have been a great step forward in viewing convenience, but there has not yet been a single product or service that lets users fully interact with their photos in a meaningful way. Isabella Products created Vizit from the ground-up to finally give consumers a way to truly interact with and experience what has so-far been a static medium,” said Matthew I. Growney, founder and CEO, Isabella Products.

Full-touch LCD screen photo frames
“No other photo display combines true two-way capabilities with an attractive, innovative design and an interface that makes it simple to use for people of any generation.” Vizit’s 10.4” high-resolution, full-touch LCD screen displays a unique “carousel” menu, enabling users to quickly and easily send photos to other Vizits, delete photos from the frame, tag favorite photos, or order prints, albums and other photo products with just a touch. Adding to the user experience is the “Vizit Widget,” a desktop application that allows the user to upload photos to their Vizit simply by dragging and dropping them onto the widget.

Vizet photo frame price & availability
As part of the overall Vizit experience, every owner will have a “Vizitme” website account where they can fully manage their photos online and on their frame, including editing captions, tags and slideshows, archiving photos, and inviting friends and family to share their photo albums. The Vizit photo frame can be displayed on a horizontal surface such as a coffee table or kitchen island and is wall mountable. Available in gunmetal with black or rosewood accents, and silver with white or teak accents, it measures 10.95” wide x 7.28” high x .65” deep. MSRP is expected at $299, plus a monthly subscription. Vizit will be available spring 2009.

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